Is Major Millions Compatible with Mobile Devices?

Major Millions is a popular online slot, so it comes as no surprise that this progressive jackpot is optimized for play on mobile devices. Players won't miss a minute of the action as this game can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a solid Internet connection and decent speed. Being one of the most rewarding slot games available today, it is definitely worth giving this Microgaming online slot a spin on your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device. The mobile version of the game has been developed using Microgaming technology and offers the same high-quality experience as the desktop version.

The Progressive Jackpot

The Major Millions progressive jackpot increases at an astounding rate and is visible at the online casino featuring the game. This real-time display of the jackpot is a great motivational tool and often prompts players to try their luck on the game. On average, this jackpot pays out €448,292 every 24 days, although these statistics differ based on different sources. Historic data shows that the jackpot is hit, on average, every 75 days. Once the jackpot is won, all players are notified, and the jackpot will be reset to $250 000, which is the default amount.

Is the Jackpot Rigged or Real?

It is important to understand how progressive jackpot games are structured and paid out before you attempt a go at this game. Progressive jackpots are not programmed to pay out at any given time, and no one knows when a player might claim the prize pot. Random Number Generators (RNG) are used, which selects a random number whenever a player starts a spin. A progressive jackpot winner is therefore 100% random and the logic that a jackpot that hasn't paid out in a long time is being 'primed' to payout soon is completely false. Your chances of winning on every spin are the same as everybody else playing the game.

The jackpot is not more likely to pay out if the player has spent more money or time on the game, nor can an online casino decide when it will be won. Players must stay in the mind-set that every win is completely by chance to enjoy a truly memorable online gaming experience.

Free Play

While you have to make the maximum wager on the game to qualify for the progressive jackpot, players are welcome to play the game for free. In this way, you can get a feel for the game before making a bet and decide whether this is something you want to spend your money on. As mentioned above, the game is totally random, and no amount of experience, time or money spent on the reels will tip the scales in your favor. However, playing for free means, you can understand how the game works and get comfortable with the interface and rules before betting your hard-earned cash.

Major Millions Jackpot Winners

There have been many Major Millions jackpot winners in recent years, with players winning life-changing amount. Almost every month there's a new winner. The highest jackpot ever won on Major Millions is a massive $1,801,598.

One lucky UK player scored £13 million playing the progressive slot Mega Moolah, while other payouts include NZ$10 million and CA$7.5 million. This is also a Microgaming game and it's available on every online casino mentioned on this website. As it stands, the £13 million win is featured in the Guinness World Records as the highest amount ever won on a progressive online slot.

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Rules and General Description

Major Millions is based on a military-themed online slot game produced by none other than software giant, Microgaming and is available at many leading online casinos. The developers portrays this jackpot game in high-quality graphics and sound effects, a unique and entertaining theme, rewarding features and a smooth gameplay, plus setting the structure with 15 paylines, giving you even more opportunities to win.

In terms of design and features, the theme of the game is emphasized by the symbols present on the reels. Brought to the fore is the likes of the Major himself, a military tank, a battleship, an ammunition case, medals, a confidential letter, and binoculars, to name a few. The visuals are not the only contributing factor to the unique theme of the game however. To add to the authenticity, the game implements a marching band sound effect in the background which aims to retain the attention of players whilst in gameplay mode. While the atmosphere of the game may come across as serious, players can be rest assured that the symbols portray a more playful aspect, showcasing a more exciting, quirky side to the game, appealing to a broad range of players.

Major Millions feature tons of rich qualities players seek in an online casino game. The wild symbol is present, which replaces all other symbols on the reels to create winning combinations and can be worth up to three times your initial bet. On the other hand, the scatter symbol is equally rewarding, and sighting three of these increases your wins substantially.

With the above mentioned in mind, playing this jackpot game is relatively easy as setting out on your Major Millions adventure can be played in either Regular or Expert Mode. Selecting the latter reveals an Autoplay feature allowing players to set a number of spins to be played without having to do any of the work. Furthermore, the sound and background effects of the game can also be completely customizable, and can be turned off completely should you so wish.

Apart from the aesthetics of the game, Major Millions’ most appealing factor is the progressive jackpot. Players from all over the world are recorded to have won the progressive jackpot thanks to sheer luck. With that said, the concept of a progressive jackpot is simple. The jackpot total grows in value with each bet contributing to a major prize pool across the jackpot network. In this way, the numbers rise at an alarming rate. The jackpot can be connected to various progressive games and even across different online casinos. This jackpot does not have a limit and will keep growing until one lucky player claims it. Once this life-changing prize is claimed, the jackpot is reset to a default amount of 250 000, and the entire process is repeated.

Major Millions is based on two structures and features a five reel and three reel version featuring 15 paylines and three paylines respectively. Other than the number of reels and paylines, the other difference between the two versions are the symbols. The three reels version features a more traditional slot game theme, portraying the quintessential slot symbol - the cherry! But one thing remains the same between these two versions  is the jackpot feature. In order to claim the lucrative rewards this game has to offer, simply attaining 3 Major Millions icons on payline 3 is all it takes to walk away as the ultimate winner.

Playing Major Millions is a relatively simple and anyone can enjoy this thrilling progressive slot. The main thing to remember is that you are only eligible for the jackpot if you place the maximum wager of the game. There are plenty of other ways to win playing Major Millions, with many of the symbols being incredibly lucrative in their own right. Spotting battleship and Major Millions’ symbols on the reels can give your bankroll an impressive boost as well.
That being said, landing the progressive jackpot in Major Millions is possible on just one lucky spin, and the many lucky winners out there is proof of that.

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